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Updates from "He's Gotta Go"

1. Our PAC was renamed to "He's Gotta Go" to comply with some regulatory requirements. 2. We  terminated the PAC with the end of the 2020 election cycle. 3. We made a difference. RoKhanna's vote share dropped by almost 5% from 2018, in spite of this election being extremely polarized because of President Trump. 4. Ro Khanna's has started showing some signs of empathy for the people who supported him. For example he finally recognized the 1971 Bengal genocide, where up to 3 Million people, mostly Hindu, were murdered by the West Pakistani Army. We are encouraged by the small steps he took, and hope he champions for all fair & just causes. Thank you all who supported us, and also to those who challenged us.  We are all working to make the world better, and that included making our elected representatives accountable, both for their commissions and omissions.