Ro: Unworthy of our Trust

State Sanctioned Discrimination: Prop 16 

Can we trust a person who is willing to go back on a written pledge on critical issues for their own personal political gains?

On May 24, 2014, Ro Khanna signed a pledge to oppose SCA5 and race based discrimination.

Ro’s Pledge:

I, Ro Khanna, pledge to the people of the State of California that I will:

Oppose any and all actual or attempted discrimination against, or grant of preference treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin in the operation of public employment, public education, or public contracting; such discrimination includes, but is not limited to, any proposed or actual implementation, explicitly or implicitly, by state institutions of higher education of considerations relating to race, sex, color, ethicity, or national origin in studen recruitment and selection programs.

On August 7, 2014, in an online chat with Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA), Ro Khanna affirmed his opposition to SCA5 multiple times, calling it out as a key differentiator between him and the incumbent Mike Honda.

Transcript of Mr. Ro Khanna's WeChat Q & A Meeting with SVCA Members on August 7, 2014

Kai Zhu – Moderator 8:22 PM
Q4. Could you please name the top three differences between you and Mr. Honda?


2. I am a strong proponent of education reform. I have come out for teacher accountability, having teachers credentialed in math and science, and also getting rid of underperforming teachers. I also have clearly and unequivocally opposed SCA-5 early on, and made it clear that California UC’s should give priority to California students. Mike Honda has orthodox views on education and has not talking about credentialing or accountability. While he did oppose SCA-5, he did so only after the bill was already dead, and his lifetime support of race based affirmative action will make him less likely to fight initiatives like SCA-5 strongly in the future.
Ro Khanna 8:28 PM


8:55 PM

OQ8: Will you endorse any GOP candidate (e.g., candidates against SCA5) this year?

Ro Khanna 8:56 PM

I have appeared at events with Peter Kuo and Chuck Page, and have a good working relationship with them. I endorsed Mayor Esteves, a Republican, for his re-election in Milpitas, and I have received many endorsements from GOP leaders across the district because of my pragmatic stance on the economy, education and SCA-5.

Ro Khanna 8:56 PM


9:01 PM

OQ9: You are against SCA5, but it is one of the core interest for DEM party. This means you are against the Dem party at this issue. How are you going to gain support from the party?

Ro Khanna 9:02 PM

I have had the courage to go against the party on this unlike Evan Low, Paul Fong, and Mike Honda who all equivocated. The question is whether we will have a Democrat who will reflect the values of this district with or just the party. I will be bold against SCA-5. End.

However on May 21, 2020, Ro Khanna endorsed the assembly version of SCA5, ACA5, which is designed to remove the section prohibiting discrimination or preferential treatment based on race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.

Ro Tweeted:

I'm proud to endorse California's #ACA5, restoring affirmative action. 

COVID-19 has revealed the deep inequality in our state, and it's critical that our approach to fighting it both reverses the mistakes of the past, and paves the way towards a stronger future.

Sending a Message: Across the Party Lines

We need to restore the trust and faith in our political institutions. People who can not keep up the pledges and promises they made to their constituents should not be representing us.

Let us shed our party preferences and vote out politicians who reverse their position on something as critical as state discriminating based on race. 

It doesn't matter whether you or the politician is a Democrat or Republican; #RoMustGo because we don't know #HowLoWillRoGo.

Pictures from the past

Ro Khanna Takes a Pledge to Oppose Race Based Discrimination (SACA5-2014)

Transcripts from chat with Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)

This is a Google Web Cache Link of a page Vote Yes on Prop 16 Endorsement by Ro which has now been removed 

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