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PITO: Progressive in Talk Only

 Ro is a PITO: Progressive in Talk Only What exactly has Ro Khanna  delivered to earn his progressive credentials? Is it good enough for a leader to talk about progressive issues? Or do we expect them to make demonstrable progress on these issues? What does his history speak about his effectiveness and commitment to progressive causes? Campaign Finance: Hypocrisy on PACs Ro Khanna spares no opportunity to remind us that he does not take PAC money. What he forgets to mention is that during his primary battle with Mike Honda, a PAC supporting him, Californians for Innovation , spent about $1.3M between 2014-2016. His Congressional district CA-17 has a Cook Partisan Voting (Cook PVI) of +25 in favor of the Democratic Party. As the incumbent he can breeze through the election in CA-17 without his campaign requiring PAC support.  Campaign Finance: The $50M Money-Bag In his outreach, Ro projects himself as a person who truly cares about the marginalized and the poor; and that he will not ac

An Open Challenge to Ro Khanna

Did Ro Really Misrepresent Presidents? After the publication of our article " Ro's Presidential Misrepresentations "multiple entities have reached out to us, asking us to provide more evidence about the Presidential misrepresentations falsely implying endorsements by Presidents Clinton (2004) and Obama (2014). We have sourced that article from a blog post  published on March 26, 2014. The blog Down with Tyranny  continues to be active; with many articles published in the month of September 2020 . The blog has a strong liberal and progressive bent, and an active twitter handle @downwithtyranny  ( Howie Klein ). Another left leaning blog, The Left Hook also shared the same story. 2004 Primary with Tom Lantos The blog article refers the February 28, 2004 edition of the San Mateo Times. Ro Khanna's sleazy character can be traced all the way back through all his endeavors in politics. In fact, the San Mateo Times disclosed that even when he ran for president of his studen