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Ro, The Hypocrite: All Talk, No Walk!

In a recent post we discussed how Ro Khanna, a member of the Pakistan caucus, refuses to be critical of Pakistan even when their PM, Imran Khan, eulogizes Osama bin Laden as a martyr and refused to call him a terrorist while comparing Osama to George Washington .  And this was in spite of more than 230 organizations from across the US hand-delivering  a letter to him to consider his stand. Ro had joined the Pakistani caucus in July 2019, after meeting Imran Khan, who is also called Taliban Khan  due to his proximity and sympathy for the Taliban. The two soldiers represented are Cupertino's own Matthew Axelson, and James Suh, two Navy SEAL's who died fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan during Operation Red Wings.  "Lone Survivor", the book and movie, recalls their courage and sacrifice. "Axe", Navy SEALS, Taliban & Pakistan Matthew "Axe" Axelson was a graduate of Monta Vista High School, in Cupertino, who joined the US Navy, and became a Navy

Donate Now to #MakeRoGo

Update:  Since we are no longer an active PAC we are not accepting any more donations.  ======================================================================== Please help us  inform our fellow citizens, why Ro's lack of integrity makes him unfit to represent us. We are truly grass-roots, and your donations will help inform CA-17 residents about the Ro's trail of deceit and U-Turns.  Ballots go out in early October and we have about three weeks to spread the truth. LIAR LIAR, PANTS ON FIRE We are getting a taste of Ro's Lies! Ro Khanna's campaign sent out an email that we are funded by out of area GOP mega-donors.  We are novices, and asked a local Political Consultant to set up the PAC for us.  The consultant, Political Communications Inc , is based on San Rafael and primarily works with California GOP. Since our PAC is to #MakeRoGo we couldn't go with a Democratic leaning consultant. Ro is a serial liar who has even faked endorsements by Presidents Clinton &