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Please help us inform our fellow citizens, why Ro's lack of integrity makes him unfit to represent us by Donating

We are truly grass-roots, and your donations will help inform CA-17 residents about the Ro's trail of deceit and U-Turns. 

Ballots go out in early October and we have about three weeks to spread the truth.


We are getting a taste of Ro's Lies! Ro Khanna's campaign sent out an email that we are funded by out of area GOP mega-donors. 

We are novices, and asked a local Political Consultant to set up the PAC for us. 
The consultant, Political Communications Inc, is based on San Rafael and primarily works with California GOP. Since our PAC is to #MakeRoGo we couldn't go with a Democratic leaning consultant.

Ro is a serial liar who has even faked endorsements by Presidents Clinton & Obama in the past to build credibility.

Please help us get the word out to let CA-17 know #HowLoCanRoGo by sending a donation our way; that will help more people in CA-17 learn the truth about Ro.

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