An Open Challenge to Ro Khanna

Did Ro Really Misrepresent Presidents?

After the publication of our article "Ro's Presidential Misrepresentations"multiple entities have reached out to us, asking us to provide more evidence about the Presidential misrepresentations falsely implying endorsements by Presidents Clinton (2004) and Obama (2014).

We have sourced that article from a blog post published on March 26, 2014. The blog Down with Tyranny continues to be active; with many articles published in the month of September 2020. The blog has a strong liberal and progressive bent, and an active twitter handle @downwithtyranny (Howie Klein).

Another left leaning blog, The Left Hook also shared the same story.

2004 Primary with Tom Lantos

The blog article refers the February 28, 2004 edition of the San Mateo Times.
Ro Khanna's sleazy character can be traced all the way back through all his endeavors in politics. In fact, the San Mateo Times disclosed that even when he ran for president of his student body, his crooked nature was on full display. This is from February 28, 2004, when Khanna was working his smear tactics on Tom Lantos:

Unfortunately, we have been unable to access San Mateo Times archives online, and do not have the resources to physically search the archives in a COVID compliant manner.

We will appreciate anyone who has access to those archives to help us locate the February 28, 2004 edition of San Mateo Times.

2014 Primary with Mike Honda

We have been able to locate an archive of Mike Honda's old website with the endorsement by President Obama. Beyond that we are relying on the Down with Tyranny blog.

President Obama has also made it clear that he's backing Honda and not Khanna, after Khanna attempted to mislead people into believing that because a few former low-ranking Obama operatives were taking his paychecks, Obama was behind him. Obama immediately invited Honda in for a photo session and released this statement: "Congressman Mike Honda is the right leader for the 17th district. Together, we’ve worked hard these last four years to bring meaningful, positive change to our nation, but there is much more to do. As we continue rebuilding our economy from the middle out, we know expanding educational opportunities is critical. Congressman Honda's lifelong commitment to education and fierce advocacy for innovation and technology is exactly what this nation needs as we continue to move America forward. We need Congressman Mike Honda in the United States Congress, and I urge you to vote to keep him there."

Why Didn't Ro Challenge the Defamation & Libel?

The blog post was published in March 2014, more than seven months before Ro's November 2014 election battle with Mike Honda. However Ro was unable to get the content removed.

If the content was not true, we would expect Ro to resist the defamation and libel.

We are in 2020 now, and Ro has had six years to send a Cease & Desist letter; yet he has not been able to take the content down.

Ro has been admitted to the State Bar of California and had an active license till February 2017. He worked at one of the most powerful law firms in the country, the Palo Alto based, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich and RosatiHe did not even have to hire a lawyer to send a Cease & Desist letter to end the defamation and libel.

Our Open Challenge to Ro Khanna

In the absence of a successful effort by Ro Khanna or his campaign to remove the six year old content, we are going to assume that the statements made by the blog are true.

If Ro Khanna agrees to an affidavit, a sworn statement of facts, which denies the claims made by the blog post, we will:

  1. Withdraw the claims he swears are false.
  2. Publish another post acknowledging our error.
  3. Spend $200 on a FB campaign to let the residents of CA-17 aware of the takedown

On the other hand, if Ro is unwilling to agree to a sworn affidavit, we will reserve our right to inform the voters of CA-17 about his history of misrepresentation and the deep character flaws they reflect.

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