A Letter from a CA-17 Voter: Little Change in Eight Years!

I am reaching out as a concerned member of our Indian community about the actions and affiliations of Rohit Khanna, who represents our district in the US Congress CA17. As voters, we must ensure our elected officials embody our community's values. Here are my key concerns about Rohit Khanna:

Ro Khanna's Association with Khalistani and Anti-India Groups:

Despite the anti-India activities of Khalistani groups, including the near burning of the SFO Indian Consulate and vandalizing the Swaminarayan Temple, Ro Khanna has remained silent and inactive. Not a single word against "Khalistanis".

In Ro Khanna's district, the presence of Khalistani signs and trucks labeling Indians as "Hindu Terror" has increased hostility. Khanna has not publicly condemned these actions. Ro Khanna receives significant funding from Khalistani supporters

Silence on Hindu Temple Vandalism – 
Six Hindu Temples Vandalized in two weeks, not a SINGLE word:

The recent vandalism of six Hindu temples, including some in his district, has gone unaddressed by Khanna, raising serious concerns about his commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Till today no action or no arrest has been made

Earlier Ro Khanna tweeted "Reject Hindutva" which means "Reject love for Hinduism". Can he tweet "Reject any other religion"? possibly he can if is paid.

Ro Khanna's support for SB403 - 
The Caste Bill which profiled all Indian Americans as RAPISTs:

By supporting SB403, which profiles Indian Americans negatively, Khanna has disregarded community leaders' concerns and contributed to a damaging narrative. His alignment with Senator Aisha Wahab and public support on Twitter, despite the implication of profiling all Indians negatively, is alarming. Ro Khanna took no step to stop SB403. Below picture after SB403 bill introduced by Senator Wahab.
Ro Khanna joining the Pakistan Caucus and his Opposition to India:

Ro Khanna's participation in the Pakistani caucus is concerning. With a lot of pressure, he resigned but continued to work with them.

Ro Spoke against Article 370, against CAA, against Ram Temple, and bashed Prime Minister Modi to get support and $ from Muslim countries.

Rise in Hate Crimes Against Indians:

The increase in hate crimes, targeting our Indian children in schools, and disruptions to Hindu festivals have occurred without any significant intervention or statement from Khanna. This raises questions about the safety and well-being of our community.

Trucks with Hindu-Terror boards all over the Bay Area, but nothing is done to stop the same.

Proposition 16 and Race-Based Quotas:

Khanna's support for Prop 16 (earlier ACA5), aiming to create a race-based quota system in California colleges (like the one we have in India), limits the admission of Indian American children to UC and state college admission. The growing hostility towards Indian children needs to be addressed.

The ACA 7 bill which is the same as Prop 16, except Govt. can implement the bill, is again supported coming to ballot.


Ro Khanna has had eight years in office. I urge you to think about what he has done for you, your children, and our Indian community. The answer is troubling, there has been little action, and it seems he has worked against our interests to advance his political career. I suggest investigating all of the above for yourself.

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