Restore Integrity in Our Politics

Our country is at a critical juncture where the lack of integrity in our leaders in Washington DC is affecting us all. Let us tell you about one integrity deficient leader, who we voted to power.

  • He misrepresented US Presidents, twice; Clinton (2004) and Obama (2014). He falsely suggested that he had the Presidents’ endorsements, only to have the Presidents endorse his opponents; something which rarely happens in Primary contests.
  • He now identifies as a crusader against PACs. However, he was assisted by a Super PAC which spent about $1,300,000 to help him win the contest against their Democratic Opponent, whose funding came primarily from small donors. 
  • He made a written pledge to us that he will not support race based discrimination or preferences (SCA5/ACA5/Prop-16). He did a complete U-Turn and now support Prop-16; and He did it without any reach-out to us, while falsely claiming that he was always in support.
That integrity-deficient leader is our Congressional Representative Ro Khanna

Many residents who volunteered to elect Ro Khanna no longer want him to represent us in Congress. We former supporters of Ro, are determined to make amends by informing others. 

  • Ro Khanna joined the Pakistan Caucus inspite of 230 American organizations writing to him, but refused to be critical of PM Imran Khan when he eulogized Osama bin Laden as a martyr. (Read More)

  • Ro Khanna did NOTHING to help California during the Forest Fires or to help our children get free internet to help them study via distance learning during COVID.

  • Ro Khanna did NOT EVEN SEND a candidate statement to be published in our Voting Guide!


Please restore integrity in our politics & vote out Ro Khanna. 



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